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The Secret of the Haunted Possession

The door to another world. People have always been attracted to the idea of discovering new worlds and passing into other dimensions. Mysterious places and unearthly landscapes have always aroused people’s imagination and desire for knowledge. Thus, the hotel magnate Robert Bigelow has long been known in the world as a fanatic of space research. A few years ago, he promised a reward of 50 million dollars to anyone who builds a ship with five seats that will be able, like a space taxi, to regularly drive passengers between the Earth and the Moon.

His second eccentric project is a hotel in Earth orbit. Hotel ‘Nautilus’ should open its doors to guests in 2015. In cooperation with NASA, Bigelow has already sent a scaled-down copy of the hotel into space.

Everyone admits that the ideas of this million are completely feasible, even though they seem so grandiose. But, this time he wanted something more, something that does not belong to the domain of the easily achievable – he wanted to connect with another world. And to accomplish that plan, he bought a piece of land better known as ‘Hell Ranch’.

The story of the ranch dates back to 1994, when a certain Terry Sherman bought a neglected farm in Utah, USA. The family had not even moved in yet, they were transporting furniture to their new home, when a huge wolf approached them. He was so close that his breath reached the farmer. Terry shot the beast. The wolf remained in place. And then two more bullets … The animal backed away, but there were no wounds or blood. Only after the sixth goal did the beast run away. Two weeks later, Gwen, Sherman’s wife, met the wolf again – so big that his back reached to the top of the car window, and with him was a dog-like animal.

In the spring of 1995, the Shermans began noticing enigmatic objects. Gwen saw a huge triangle, surrounded by lights, hovering silently over the farm. And Terry saw a silver disk, which disappeared towards the mountain ridge. All the members of the family watched the orange circles dozens of times, which ‘sprouted’ on the west side of their sky, always in one and the same place. One evening Terry saw in what was now his usual circle something that seemed to him like an exit ‘to another heaven’. He could clearly see the blue sky through the binoculars – the orange circle literally looked like a window into the world he was in.

Mysterious animals continued to appear on the ranch. Passing the farm in broad daylight, Terry and Gwen saw a small, muscular, red-faced creature attacking a horse. Sherman came closer and the predator simply disappeared before his eyes. Proof that he was there at all were the claw marks on the horse’s legs. Colorful birds roamed the farm, of course, those that did not belong to that noon, and there were also encounters with dark creatures, reminiscent of a snowman. Farming dogs developed paranoia.
They sat and guarded all day. One night, as many as six cats disappeared somewhere, and soon the cattle began to disappear.

One cow simply ‘evaporated’ from the meadow, and Terry claims she was somehow taken to the sky. The second time, a cow was found dead five minutes after Sherman’s son saw her alive and well. Something made a deep furrow in the crotch of the dead animal, and there were no traces of blood on the cow or on the ground. A total of 14 animals were killed or disappeared.

Terry was silent for a long time, thinking that it would be difficult to sell the farm if it became known what was happening on it. However, the journalists of the local newspaper somehow revealed the secret, and since then the life of the Shermans has become even more difficult – at night they were disturbed by strange phenomena, and during the day by hordes of curious people. Some visitors happened to see more than they wanted. In June 1996, a tall man who was engaged in some kind of meditation came to Terry.

He closed his eyes and raised his hands. Something started moving in the nearby forest then. Terry, who was not far from there, could not distinguish the shape of the object, except that it was something big. That ‘something’ came out of the woods and headed towards the man.

Standing in front of him, ‘it’ let out an animal scream, which sounded like a mixture of a bear and a lion’s roar. According to Terry, that ‘something’ was almost airy, like being in the movie ‘Predator’. The frightened man immediately fled.

The secret was soon revealed that the strange events on the ranch have been known to Indians living in the valley for a long time. They said the country was on a ‘path to another world’.

Billionaire Robert Bigelow bought the Shermans’ ranch for about $ 200,000 – significantly less than Terry once paid. The Shermans moved to a smaller farm located about twenty miles from the ‘damn ranch’. They could probably sell the land more expensively, but they wanted to be in a safer place as soon as possible. Bigelow organized a permanent duty of scientists and former police officers, all under the auspices of the National Institute for Discovery Science, which Bigelow founded in 1995 specifically to study UFOs and anomalous phenomena, while the group was led by biologist Colm Kelleher.

Bigelov did everything to avoid curious people from all sides. A warning was published in a local newspaper: ‘Visitors to Sherman’s farm are not needed. The ranch is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we announce that violators will be arrested and imprisoned by force of law. ‘
One of the conditions of the sale was that Sherman and his wife come to the farm and help the scientists, because Keheler thought that Terry and Gwen were actually ‘attracted’ by the anomalies.

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