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Prisoners of the Time Mist

According to the latest statistics, about two million people disappear from the Earth every year without a trace. Many of these disappearances have an understandable explanation: murders, accidents, natural disasters, deliberately covering the tracks when people disappear out of their own thirst. But a number of disappearances do not fit the usual standards. The strange event near St. Petersburg certainly does not belong to the group of standard disappearances. That happened in 1993, and here is what eyewitnesses and participants say about it.

With two friends who worked together with him in a design bureau, Alexei Ivanovich Volzhanin went fishing as usual. It was a Friday when they got into an old ‘Muscovite’ and set off. The journey to the Karelian isthmus takes several hours, and there awaits a real paradise for fishermen. Countless beautiful clear lakes known as ‘Vuoksa’, untouched nature, extraordinary places where fish, as fishermen say, ‘bite well’. Comrades discovered these places a long time ago, and the travel schedule was worked out in detail. Departure in the evening, overnight by the fire, fishing at dawn, festive lunch and departure home. They still have Saturday night and the whole week to dedicate to women and children. But this time, everything went wrong. The friends were already approaching their goal, when suddenly the disaster began. There was thunder on all sides, lightning struck the trees along the road, and one in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle with the unfortunate passengers.

Sitting behind the wheel, Volžanin went blind for a moment from the strong flash. That moment was fatal for the comrades. The car landed off the road and hit a huge old pine tree with its right rear door. True, the driver, Alexei Ivanovich, later claimed that he did not land from the road due to lightning, but because a monster with fiery eyes ’emerged’ in front of the hood of the vehicle. But, since none of his friends saw that mysterious monster, he simply kept silent about its existence.

After the accident, Volžanin and Sigaljev, who were sitting in the front, only got a little embarrassed and scared. However, engineer Semjen Jakovljevic Eljbman, who was sitting in the back seat, went much worse: the broken window glass made a deep cut on his forehead. In addition, judging by his behavior, he also suffered a concussion. When he got out of the vehicle, he could not stand stably, but stumbled strangely. The unfortunate passengers were in great pain, so to speak, helpless. They were several tens of kilometers away from the nearest health station.

With the wounded friend, it was impossible to overcome that distance on foot. And in the vicinity, unfortunately, there was no other vehicle. It turned out that Sigaljev noticed a light on the window of a small hut nearby. Leaving the car, the comrades took the wounded comrade to the hut, which was located above the stream. They struggled up the slippery stairs and somehow reached the entrance to the hut. They knocked and the door was opened by an old woman. It seemed to them that they had entered a fairy tale, and this older woman’s name looked like ‘Baba Yaga’. Without saying a word, the old woman let the sour and unhappy fishermen enter.

Volzhanin later said: ‘When I remember that event now, everything seems unreal and meaningless to me. Where did the house appear there, which we had never seen before, although we know that place ‘like the back of our hand’? But then we were simply enchanted and nothing surprised us.

A house on chicken legs? At the right moment! An argument on the table in an old-fashioned apprentice? Maybe the power went out due to an accident! A strange landlady who didn’t say a word. Maybe she was deaf and dumb ‘?

Grandma fed the unfortunate fishermen with hot soup, washed the wound with some liquid for Elbman and put bandages on her forehead. Tired, they lay down and fell fast asleep. And when they woke up in the morning they found themselves under the open sky! The hospitable house disappeared, and instead, half-ruined walls of roughly stacked granite pebbles stood.

What happened next? Alexei Ivanovich says: ‘We have carefully investigated these ruins, without windows and doors and found that there are no signs of life. Apparently, it was an old mill, left over from the time of the Finnish war, when our army drove the Finns from the Karelian isthmus, and then annexed that territory to the USSR. There are a lot of such ruins in those areas and there is nothing strange about it. But where did the hut we spent the night in go? Didn’t they take us to another place, sleepy and tired? But there are no houses there. We later found out that no one lives there. That morning we witnessed another miracle. Namely, from the wound on Seman’s forehead, only a barely visible scab remained, which soon disappeared ‘.

Fellow fishermen claim that the whole story, from beginning to end, is true. In doing so, they refer to the local team that helped them tow the car. And the locals claim that in 1982, something similar happened to another man who had a night accident at that place. He said that he also spent the night with a witch in the mill, waiting for help.

Here is another similar event

The book “Ghosts and Legends of the Wiltshire Region” mentions the following case. The girl Edna Hedges was riding a bicycle in 1973, when a disaster suddenly started. Edna got off her bike and, noticing a house nearby, decided to take shelter there and wait for the storm to pass. An old man lived in the house, who allowed the girl to take shelter from the disaster, but did not say a word to her.

Then Edna discovered that she was riding a bicycle again. She could not remember how and under what conditions she left the house. And the mentioned house, as it was later clarified, never existed in that place. In addition to all that, the friends who were waiting for Edna noticed that her clothes were completely dry, while they were waiting for her, wet to the skin. It is tempting to connect all the carpets, assuming that occasionally in our space and time the door leading to the ‘world of fairy tales’ opens. But, in the opinion of specialists in the field of psychology, the riddle of this phenomenon lies in something completely different: apparitions do not appear in reality, but only in our mental perception as a result of a hypnotic trance.

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