The ‘time trap’, if eyewitness accounts can be trusted, is capable of moving not only individuals, but also much more massive objects – entire buildings or ships – into other time distances. It is also possible that the legend of the ‘flying Dutchman’ wandering the ocean expanses essentially has a very real basis. A strange event took place in the Atlantic Ocean, in the early morning hours of July 11, 1881, when a British warship almost collided with an ancient frigate. Attempts to contact the crew were unsuccessful. The frigate sped away, as if it hadn’t even noticed the British ship.

The case became known thanks to the fortunate circumstance that one of the eyewitnesses of the enigmatic encounter was the Prince of Wales, the future King George V, who was then serving his military service as a young officer.

One of the active members of the Royal Society of Psychologists, Sir Jeremy Blackstaff, attended a reception at Buckingham Palace on the occasion of the awarding of the Order, was honored to talk to His Majesty and did not miss the opportunity to ask the King about the ancient meeting in the Atlantic Ocean. It turned out that King George not only remembered the meeting, but also described it in great detail. The enigmatic ship resembled sailing ships and had richly decorated wooden catamarans. At that time, such ships stopped sailing. But more than anything, the sailors were amazed that the mysterious ship had ‘its own wind’ – its sails were inflated in the opposite direction from the veto I was blowing at the time. With the permission of the British monarch, these new details were included in the report of the Royal Society of Psychologists. During the investigation, the journalists managed to find several more sailors, long-time witnesses of the encounter with the flying Dutchman.

They supplemented the memories of King George with an interesting detail, which referred to the strange movement of a mysterious ship. Namely, even though the storm was raging that day, the ship was moving in a straight line and incredibly calmly. The enigmatic encounter is also mentioned in the monarch’s diary, which was published after his death.
There are countless attempts to explain similar cases. Among them is the hypothesis advocated by S. Kamjejev.

It starts from the assumption that anomalous zones exist or periodically occur on Earth, which are in fact ‘doors’ to other spatial dimensions. The ‘Phenomenon’ commission has collected a large number of stories about such zones in addition to its archives. It is interesting that in most stories, either red or purple light or, simply, an unusual fog is mentioned. There are also many old legends about people who reach the fields, where they organize their celebrations. People take part in the game during one night, then return home and find out that many years have passed in the meantime! In some of these legends, the presence of a strange fog is also mentioned.

Undoubtedly, many stories about mysterious disappearances can be mere delusions or apparitions, but we must be aware of the fact that some are a real mystery and that there is a high probability that they are true.

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