Destruction of meteors from Siberia and what is behind the Siberian Explosion?

Secret protectors of the country. Hardly any event in the 20th century can be compared to the explosion in Siberia (Tunguska region) in 1908. The total power of the explosion exceeded the combined power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki more than 2,000 times! In addition, the Tunguska explosion caused incredible things.

The Siberian explosion created a number of effects:

  • An unusual glow in the sky that could be seen for the next ten days and the frequent appearance of clouds of silver glow
  • Enormous light and heat radiation
  • Interference with normal operation of various meteorological instruments and surface earthquakes
  • A sound wave of terrifying force that circled the globe twice
  • Felled trees in a huge area of over 2,000 square kilometers
  • Weak traces of radioactivity detected in tree samples and layers of polar ice dating from 1908
  • Unusual soil and mineral properties in the area of the Tunguska explosion
  • Unusually rapid vegetation growth at the epicenter of the Tunguska explosion
  • Climate cooling throughout Zenila over the next few years.

Despite the fact that such a frightening event did not go unnoticed, the first attempts to discover what exactly happened in the Siberian taiga were made only many years later – in 1927. Since then, dozens of research expeditions have visited this area, hundreds of scientific papers have been written, and several hundred hypotheses have been presented about the causes of this event. However, none of this could fully explain the complex phenomena that preceded and occurred along with the Tunguska explosion. Some of the phenomena observed by witnesses to the events simply do not fit into the framework of existing theories. Most of what happened from the point of view of today’s scientific opinion cannot be explained at all. Moreover, one persistently gets the impression that we are encountering something that completely transcends the boundaries of our usual understanding of the world around us.

Yet today we are probably closer than ever to solving a mystery that will become a turning point in the development of human consciousness. The research conducted by generations of scientists and researchers has provided us with a very rich collection of facts and scientific materials, making it possible to shed light on the true causes and nature of the phenomenon that took place more than 100 years ago in the Podkamenaje Tunguska area. Here we will not deal with the key elements of each of the main already known hypotheses, but we will concentrate on those facts that have always remained in the shadows and which for some unusual reason have never been allowed to surface.

Amazingly, when combined with an old epic song, these facts give a completely different picture of the events that took place at the very beginning of the 20th century. To begin with, we must emphasize that both before and after the Tunguska explosion, there were several other events that were in some way connected with it, representing the links of one and the same chain.

Therefore, using the methods of forensic processing, we will combine them into a single case. In order to see the reality that has eluded the eyes of researchers for so long, we will have to turn our gaze back and forth in space and time to take into account the events separated by tens and even hundreds of years. That is why we will turn to the statements of witnesses, of whom there were thousands even in this sparsely populated area of ​​Siberia. Even in the late 60’s it was possible to find some 3,000 people who remember this amazing event! Before we turn to the facts, we must present what was suspected during the research: the hypothesis of the Tunguska explosion, which will be unexpected to many, but which emerged during the analysis of a large amount of data.

When we take the testimonies of a thousand witnesses to the Tunguska explosion, the researchers’ findings, the contents of the Yakut epic Olonkho, reconstructions of chronology of events and analysis of the consequences of explosions described not only in the epic but also in the works of researchers, it is reasonable to assume that lies an ancient technical installation!

A long, long time ago, someone built a complex in the area known as the ‘Valley of Death’ that still protects the Earth from meteors and asteroids. Of course, this assumption seems unbelievable and hard to even imagine. It turns out that for thousands of years, there has been something parallel to us that goes beyond not only today’s achievements but also our boldest fantasies about what can be achieved – and we have failed to notice that!

The following is a detail preserved in the legend of the local population, which has been transmitted in an ancient epic song for centuries. Legends that are transmitted by word of mouth say that this country was once shrouded in impenetrable darkness, and the surroundings were shaken by deafening thunder. And a hurricane of unprecedented force arose, and the earth would be shaken by strong blows. When everything calmed down and the darkness dissipated, a hitherto unseen sight appeared before their eyes. In the middle of the scorched earth, shining in the sun, stood a tall vertical structure that could be seen from a distance of several days of travel. For a long time, the construction made unpleasant sounds that tore the ear, gradually getting lower and lower, until it finally completely disappeared underground. A huge gaping upright ‘hole’ remained where it stood.

Along with presenting the facts, we will introduce you to several passages from the epic Olonkho that speak strongly in favor of the hypothesis presented due to the obvious technological nature of the events described in ancient stories. Surprisingly, the people who translated and analyzed these texts never noticed this or suspected anything. Let us now begin with a detailed reconstruction of the events by trying to create a complete siika of what preceded and what happened during the catastrophe of 1908. The shamans of the indigenous tribes were the first to find out about the impending disaster. Two months before the explosion, rumors began to spread in the taiga about the coming ‘end of the world’. Going from settlement to settlement, shamans warned people of a huge cataclysm. People began to move their herds from the higher areas of Podkamennaya Tunguska to Nizhniay Tunguska and further, towards the river Leni.

Evenk’s exodus began immediately after the gathering of all clans of nomadic tribes that were moving close to each other, held in the month of Teliat – May. At a secret meeting of the older members of the tribe, it was decided that it was necessary to change the direction of their cyclical movement, and that the clans should approach each other in a new direction in their movement. Then a great ritual was performed in which the ‘Great Shaman’ announced the ‘end of the world’: ‘The ancestors told how they had to move away from their traditional areas. No one was allowed to stay in them after the month of Teliat and during the month of Muchim – June, so the ancestors said … People from higher areas wanted to visit Duli … Nobody was allowed to do that ‘.

And so the nomads began to move to the other end of the taiga … Respecting some inner feeling and supporting, as it usually happens, the announcements of the shaman, and the wild animals began to migrate. Birds flew away from their habitats, swans left the lakes, and fish disappeared from the rivers. A huge area of ​​the taiga, with an area of ​​several tens of thousands of square kilometers, was left without its fauna. Only those who did not believe the words of the shaman remained in the danger zone. All this speaks for itself. It is obvious that shamans who ‘talked to ancestral spirits’ received early warnings of an impending event. Animals, birds and fish instinctively reacted to the impending danger, reacting to the negative influences coming from the Earth’s amplified electromagnetic field in this part of the taiga.

After studying the contents of the epic song ‘Olonkhoa’ and talking to local hunters and the remaining living witnesses who remember this distant event, one gets the impression that the mysterious complex is located in different parts of the taiga and is mostly underground.

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