Crystal Skull (world secret)

crystal skull secret

The Secret That Time Jealously Keeps. There are things beyond our reason, things that defy the human understanding of this world. There is something you did not know, because you did not dare to know. Secrets that are buried away from the public eye and that are prevented from coming to light. Earthly laws do not apply here, space has no boundaries, and time does not exist.

It has reached us from ancient times, legends have been created around it for a long time, today’s technology cannot do anything similar, and it is inconceivable that in those times it could have been made with primitive tools that people used then. It is claimed to be the most mysterious object in the world. A miracle made of quartz crystal, polished so perfectly that it completely resembles a life-size human skull. The value of the crystal skull is invaluable. Then who did something like this and why, who did it serve ?! Rumors are circulating that she has unusual powers, people who have been around her have noticed strange changes in themselves. What mysterious power does the Crystal Skull possess? Can it heal or transform the human psyche?

The Crystal Skull is known as Mitchell-Hedges’ Skull because it was found by Anna, the adopted daughter of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges. It was found in Lubaantun (City of Fallen Stones) in British Honduras in 1924 during archeological excavations. And only its discovery is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Since the age of a quartz crystal cannot be determined by dating using the radioactive isotope carbon, we cannot determine the exact age of the Crystal Skull. It is assumed that its age is 12,000 years, although many move that limit to a fantastic few million years. The correct answer could only be obtained by breaking the Skull to determine the age of the water content in it, but its invaluable value does not allow it. Although even in that case, they would only get the geological period in which the crystal was formed, and not the time when the Skull was made. The question is also why the Skull is made of quartz crystal, when it is an extremely hard material that is difficult to process. It is believed that it took 300 years of patient processing, where sand and water were used to smooth every part of the rock, and then incredibly precise details were made by grinding. The Crystal Skull is said to have miraculous healing properties and to contain telepathic information about the origin of the human race. It is believed to have been made or used in the mythological Atlantis.

Based on the fact that the Crystal Skull was found in Central America, and also because the motif of a corpse’s head occupied an important place in the Mayan and Aztec cults, some suggested that this could be a cult object used in religious rites and worship among these peoples.

Other found crystal skulls also come from various archeological sites in the area of ​​the former Mayan culture, and most of them are preserved around the world by the descendants of the indigenous population. So far, four types of ancient crystal skulls are known:

  • made of pure quartz – completely transparent
  • amethyst – purple
  • rose quartz
  • smoked quartz – gray to black

At one time, especially in the 1940s, Skull had a much darker reputation. She was believed to be the ‘Skull of the Last Judgment’ and that anyone watching her would be in trouble or die prematurely. Later, and especially in recent times, a more positive attitude towards her was taken. It is now believed that the Skull has healing powers, and that it is also a storehouse of information. Getting to this data and finding it will be possible only when we learn to draw knowledge from a living crystal computer.

The city of Maya where the Crystal Skull was found, Lubaantun, is one of the last great centers of the Maya, built in the eighth or ninth century AD. The whole area is overgrown with dense vegetation. It appears to have been a trading center for the poop. The most spectacular part of the city is the amphitheater, one of the largest discovered in the missing Mayan world. The remains of Lubaantun seem to cover a period of only one and a half centuries before the city was inexplicably abandoned, sometime in the ninth century AD.

The villages of the Maya, where these people lived in the seventh century BC, were found in Guatemala. But their civilization reached its zenith between 300-900. years after Christ. Then, for reasons not yet determined, this unique civilization disintegrated, and the people mysteriously disappeared or moved away.

Because of its invaluable value, the Skull is kept in the safe of a bank in Mill Valley, California. The Crystal Skull has been subjected to many scientific studies. It started in 1964 when Anna Mitchell Hedges took Skull to New York with the Dorland couple. They studied the Skull for 6 years in their apartment in California. One evening when they concluded that it was too late to put her back in the safe, Dorland sat by the fireplace, and next to him on the table was Skull. This remarkable observation led to the discovery of a mysterious and unique optical system embedded in the Skull. How, no one knows! Dorland discovered an incredibly sophisticated optics under a microscope. which refracts light at an angle of 45 degrees. This prismatic surface directed the light below the Skull into its eye sockets. Another thin surface was polished, which could serve as a magnifying glass. A channel without obstacles and inclusions extends through more than 15 cm of natural crystal in one piece.

The printed text that would look through it would be both legible and enlarged. Behind what acts as a deliberately polished prism, one can see a concave-convex surface that serves to collect a beam of light, which is then thrown on the prism and from there into the eye sockets. The back part of the skull is masterfully made as a lens of a modern camera, which collects light from everywhere and reflects it into the eye sockets. Zygomatic arches are also indicated on the skull. They are engraved in relief next to the cheekbones, as on a real human skull. This cannot be seen on any statue in the world. The jawbone is detached and can be removed. It fits perfectly in two polished bearings and moves easily up and down! On one occasion, Frank Dorland noticed a halo around the Skull, similar to a ring around the Moon. The ring stretched about forty-five centimeters and disappeared only after six minutes.

In 1970, the Crystal Skull was taken to Hewlett Packard’s laboratory in Santa Clara, California, for detailed examination. It is one of the leading laboratories in the world for this type of research. The laboratories conducted two sensitive researches. After that, one of the employees stated: “There is no way to determine the age of the Skull.” Probably many of the ideas about the mysteries and evil circulating about the Skull came from her eyes. By moving the light source or slightly changing the angle of observation, an endless series of images and patterns is obtained due to the refraction of light. It can be very hypnotic. ‘ And in the lab itself, the Skull caused excitement and restlessness. Even the professionals who worked there and who knew the crystals and its properties down to the smallest detail, did not remain immune to the Skull. In the end, the experts from the laboratory agreed that, assuming that if they got a piece of crystal of the same size, even the top manufacturers of crystal components with the most modern technology today would not be able to make a Skull similar to this one. Or what one of the crystallographers from Hewlett Packard’s lab said: ‘… this damn thing just shouldn’t exist!’

Crystals can affect the human world in some mysterious way. And the Dorland couple who examined the Skull did not escape the mental effects of the Skull. All the years they examined the Skull, they did not smoke or drink alcohol or coffee, and they also became vegetarians. In some strange way, the Crystal Skull affected their consciousness. Other people who met the Skull for the first time also reacted to the encounter with it. Some had drowsiness and some had trouble breathing or heartbeat. In some people, it seemed to stimulate the sense of smell and create the impression that it emitted a musky aroma, which was indescribable. In the presence of the Skull, some people heard a light chorus of voices or the ringing of flags.

The World Center for the Study of Mysterious Phenomena has been conducting numerous experiments with crystal skulls for four years. The electronic equipment used in these experiments could measure the energy impact of crystal skulls on humans. The results of these studies indicate the following:

  • In the case of crystal skulls, some unknown intelligence or program built into them is at work, which has affected the persons undergoing the test by creating specific energy fields. The effect of these fields on the tested persons was positive and the instruments recorded an increase in harmony and balance in their biomagnetic fields.
  • People who meditated near the crystal skull experienced the following phenomena: some reached a state of alternative consciousness, others had varied visions, some felt the release of deep emotions or karma stored in their chakras or physical body, and fewer tested felt great joy or was blissful and elated.
  • In some people, contact with the crystal skulls later caused specific dreams or would feel the energy of the skull for days. Some test participants also spontaneously opened their inner, spiritual abilities – primarily the third eye or the ability to hear ghosts.
  • Many people who participated in these tests later reported to the Center about the radical changes that had occurred to them after contact with the crystal skulls. Previous unpleasant and undesirable situations were quickly eliminated or the possibility of resolving those situations would suddenly appear, which brought them peace and joy.

Phyllis Geld, co-author of The Message ‘Crystal Skull’ wrote: ‘I believe the Skull can be used as a spiritual focus to extract wisdom and knowledge from the collective unconscious. The crystal skull is compared to a crystal omniscient computer just waiting for us to discover the right access code ‘.
An old Central American legend, believed by both the Maya and the Aztecs, says that the world was destroyed four times, that we live under the fifth sun, and that our world will be destroyed by earthquakes when all life disappears.

According to the Mayan calendar, the world was created on August 13, 3114 BC, and will be completely destroyed on December 21, 2012. years. The scribes of this ancient people, who are believed to have known astronomy very well, left many texts with prophecies, especially those related to solar eclipses. One of the legends that has survived to this day says that there have been thirteen crystal skulls since humans inhabited twelve planets. All the crystal skulls were entrusted to the people who inhabited the Earth, who were called Atlanta.

The Atlanteans then left these crystal skulls to Miami. If people could gather all these skulls in one place, they could provide us with information about our origin and tell us how to avoid the coming catastrophe.

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