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Destruction of meteors from Siberia and what is behind the Siberian Explosion?

Secret protectors of the country. Hardly any event in the 20th century can be compared to the explosion in Siberia (Tunguska region) in 1908. The total power of the explosion exceeded the combined power of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki more than 2,000 times! In addition, the Tunguska explosion caused incredible things. […]

Prisoners of the Time Mist

According to the latest statistics, about two million people disappear from the Earth every year without a trace. Many of these disappearances have an understandable explanation: murders, accidents, natural disasters, deliberately covering the tracks when people disappear out of their own thirst. But a number of disappearances do not fit the usual standards. The strange […]

Six Astrologers of Hitler – The Greatest Abuse of Prediction

A madness in which the stars, by all accounts, were much more than just fun. The assumption that Hitler believed in astrology and employed astrologers circulated from 1933 onwards. Undoubtedly, many thought that the only possible explanations for his undisturbed and increasingly frightening assault on the political leadership and territorial plunder were his pre-obtained information, […]

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