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The Manhattan Project

An atomic bomb almost collapsed! The news was so sensational that SS General Walter Schellenberg, the recent head of Hitler’s counter-espionage, requested that Field Marshal Keitel receive him immediately, despite the fact that it was December 25, 1944, the day of their Christmas. His adjutant explained that Field Marshal Keitl was at the session of […]

Six Astrologers of Hitler – The Greatest Abuse of Prediction

A madness in which the stars, by all accounts, were much more than just fun. The assumption that Hitler believed in astrology and employed astrologers circulated from 1933 onwards. Undoubtedly, many thought that the only possible explanations for his undisturbed and increasingly frightening assault on the political leadership and territorial plunder were his pre-obtained information, […]

In this city Taos, the locals constantly hear a strange sound, and no one knows where it comes from!

For decades, the inhabitants of the town of Taos in New Mexico have been haunted by a mysterious sound. It is a continuous low-frequency noise that some compare to the distant sound of a diesel engine. Constant exposure to this sound causes headaches, insomnia, discomfort, and even breathing problems. Although it can be heard with […]

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